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Sun, 12 Mar 2000 23:03:54 -0800

Keeping the spoiler space for the benefit of those who can use it...

>uh, i'll derail it back to relena, one last time.
>just to be on the safe side (*sigh*) -- spoiler
>warning for anyone just watching g wing. don't cuss
>me out for talking about 'em. :)


Just to play devil's advocate and to show there's two
sides to every coin:

>1) in the first episode, minister darlian and relena
>arrive at the airport. relena shows that she can get
>home by herself and that she doesn't need an escort
>home. she doesn't want to inconvenience the bigwigs.
>actually sounds mature to me, considering the teens
>are the sensitive years.

She probably was happy that she doesn't has to be with
her old man and get to go off and do her own thing.
In fact, she assured her father that she can get home
by herself, but hangs out at the beach and whines
(where she first ran into Heero) instead of getting
home ASAP so her parent's won't be worried that she
may be kidnapped.

>1a) also in the first episode, relena doesn't throw a
>tantrum when her father cannot celebrate her birthday
>party with her.

Yet she ignores all her guests and ran off to check out
Heero, someone who hasn't offered a sign of friendship
like those who did show up to celebrate her birthday.

>7) relena asks permission from her father when she
>wants to go shopping in the colony and refuses a
>bodyguard. she, again, shows she can handle herself.

In a show of teenage rebellion, she refuses to take
a bodyguard along so her father can stop worrying if
she'd run into trouble or kidnappers. Total lack of
consideration for her father's peace of mind.

Not that I personally think she's a spoiled rich
brat/bitch/whatever, but that's what people could
say in response to the points you made. ;)


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