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> And you know who's to blame? Not the Govenment, not the Corporation, not
> the Media. It's you and me, the consumers and the investors. Or in the
> case of Government, the voters, in the case of the Media, the audience.

I agree, but get this, I can't say what products I want. I'll vote for George
W. Bush, because I don't want Al Gore as a President of my Nation. As a
consumer, my wants are English versions of the Super Robot Wars games and the
SRW like Gundam games, but since the majority of gamers seem to don't want
them, I don't get them. I should have the option to pay like $10-$20 (or what
ever the price would) more for a SRW game, to pay for an English version of
the game. Yeah, I have a say so as a consumer and a citizen of the US, but if
my vote/wants are a minority, not the majority, I have to deal with what the
majority wants, but what if they majority consists of idiots, the
misinformed, and blind(not literally) followers? :) This system works fine,
until the majority elects idiots as our leaders! :)

Jeez, isn't this how rebellions start? (I AM joking) :)

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