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>Hi Z,
>OT Question. Why did Takahashi create Vifam? I have some pics here of the
>show and was stunned to see a lot of little kids running this space ship. I
>read something on the series and know these kids were orphans. Was Takahashi
>cashing in on a trend? Did he get tired of writing hard-edged stories? I'm

The only one who can answer that is Takahashi and I've yet to see him
address that question. Most interviewers concentrate on VOTOMS.

At a guess, though, I'd say it was in response to the teenage crew of White
Base in GUNDAM and other Tomino shows. VIFAM is a much more harrowing ride
for the young crew and, like most Takahashi shows, much more "realistic" in
its portrayal of the youngsters and their problems.

At that, it seems to have missed a major point. As Mark Simmons has
observed, Tomino use of youngsters seems to center not so much on youth per
se but on the concept of what constitutes family. The young heroes of
Tomino stories seem to be actual or emotional orphans, severed from
Japanese traditional concepts of family and all that it culturally entails,
who build new families based on their circumstantial rather than their
blood ties.


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