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Brett Jensen wrote:
> Environmental decay, Loss of Privacy, Decline of discipline in our
> children, an Education system that turns out ignoramuses, a media that
> inflates all of the problems in society, and makes far away horrors
> seem all too close, multinational corperations whose influence and
> power are truly frightening... Take your pick.
> It's pretty scary how much stuff from 80s Cyberpunk novels has already
> come to pass.

And you know who's to blame? Not the Govenment, not the Corporation, not
the Media. It's you and me, the consumers and the investors. Or in the
case of Government, the voters, in the case of the Media, the audience.

We deserve everything, the 6-yr-old murderer, the jungle-burning McDonald,
the who-want-to-marry-a-mulit-millionaire, the Big-Brother-banks, the
cigar-smoking President. The whole deal, we deserve everything we got.

We just don't deserve G-Saviour. There, we are on topic again ^_^;

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