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Sean O'Mara wrote:
> I think the paranoid morbidity comes from our age of being "connected." The

NO NO NO! It's nothing to do with the Net. The Net has been good to
people (read PERSONS). It's to do with economy and politics.

> whole Y2K scam showed people how much we rely on computers, as well as

And what have we (the people!) done since the Y2K "scam"? We brought more
computers and invest all our future in them. Computers are the rebels'
best friend. :)

> reminded him of Big Brother. I think people are afraid that with all our

Well my bank knows whenever I go to a foreign country and knows how much
per night I pay the hotels. My bank also knows that I saw a movie 2 weeks
ago. But mostly I use cash and avoid e-shopping, no paper trail for
little old me! Funny thing is if the Government tries to collect that
kind of information about me, I will be shoving a pack of lawyers up their

> advances and networking, it will be easier for us to be monitored and
> possibly controlled. This leads to our viewing society with it's computers
> as a prison, or as a potential prison.

No no no. It's not about technology (that's Unabomber's mistake,
technology is not the enemy). The old "neigbhorhold committee" of USSR
and Communist China achieved the same thing with just a bunch of old
ladies with pencils in hand.

Hmm it's kind of hard to really explain what it is... Did you see the
scene(s) in Blade Runner where blimps with search light, giant full colour
billboards and loud speakers blare advertisements onto the streets and
into people's homes? I think that pretty much summarized it. If you
don't get it, well there's no way I can explain it in a email.

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