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> I was really really hoping you would be buying them Hobby Japans and
> Dengeki Hobbys and scan them and put them online! :)

Well, as you say below kits and toys are better then the magazines about them
:) I will post scans for those mags eventually,

> Ahh! Like you said, spending money on the toys is much better then
> spending money on the magazines about the toys.

Yep, I agree.

> Trust me, G-Saviour is about 23 times uglier than Turn-A. With Turn-A,
> you only need a shave, with G-Saviour you need... you need... oh God,
> there's no rescue for G-Saviour.

Its that bad? Well, I've thought about trying on the different heads of my
other 1/144 Gundams on the Turn A's body, but I doubt anything would look
better then the Turn A's head. I like the Turn A's head because it has a
menacing, squinty eyed, don't mess with me look, IMO.

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