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> Many major regions in Japan does not get Turn A (the only cousin who was
> willing to tape it for me lived in an area that wasn't showing Turn A,

Maybe if everyone could get Turn A, would that help the shows status any?

> I had to wait for the video release). It's being shown early afternoon or
> mornings in many of the major markets, which has been the biggest
> of many fans on the Japanese Gundam Newsgroup. Very silly considering
> most of its fans seem to be in the 20 and over age group.
> All those shows are "family drama" or "comedy" - which seems to be what
> gets the highest ratings in the US...

We are drowing in "family drama" and "comedy" shows, IMO. To me, most of
these comedy's aren't that funny, are just for lack of a better word, stupid.
Then WB and a few others, show these "teen drama" shows. Ick!

X-Files is good and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer seems to be pretty cool, though
I've only seen bits and pieces of episodes, there's really not many US TV
shows I care about. I like ZD TV's shows(computer channel), I like DigiMon
and somehow, for some odd reason, have stuck with Power Rangers since the
beginning, I like Batman Beyond ando Beast Machines.

I can't seem to find any good action and/or adventure TV shows on US cable
TV. Of course, I watch Gundam Wing :)

Other then what I mentoined, unless I am missing any other good shows that I
am unaware of, I am not much pleased with US TV right now. I have a lot of
book series that I like a lot and am very pleased with most anime I have
seen(Flame of Recca, Gundam, Escaflowne, Evangelion, Gai Gao Gar, others I
forget the names of).


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