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Hi Z,

OT Question. Why did Takahashi create Vifam? I have some pics here of the
show and was stunned to see a lot of little kids running this space ship. I
read something on the series and know these kids were orphans. Was Takahashi
cashing in on a trend? Did he get tired of writing hard-edged stories? I'm

I'll probably scan these pics soon for those interested in seeing how the
series looks like. You'll probably never guess it was a mecha show just from
looking at the characters.

Thanks in adv.


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> Ryosuke Takahashi's anime series DOUGRAM was created in response to the
> success of rival Nippon Sunrise's Mobile Suit GUNDAM, the first giant
> series to incorporate valid mechanical principles into its robot
> designs. DOUGRAM went GUNDAM one better, introducing mecha designed with
> hard-edged look appropriate to military hardware, one the reflected
> Takahashi's darker view of human nature. Takahashi went on to create
> Armored Trooper VOTOMS, Round Vernian VIFAM, Panzer World GALIENT and Blue
> Meteor SPT LAYZNER, all of which reflected his views of warfare and its
> effects on victor and vanquished alike. DOUGRAM was, in many ways, a
> mirror image of GUNDAM--a gritty, realistic view of futuristic warfare
> devoid of glamor.
> The setting is the planet Deloyer in the 152nd year of the Space Calendar
> (SC 152). Deloyer has declared independence from the United Nations Of

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