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> Err I haven't heard any mention of G-Saviour (the MS) on this list yet.
> But one look of the scratch built model in HJ was enough to knock me over.

Well, I haven't seen a clear picture of it. Anyone know where I can find
good, clear, big pictures of the G-Saviour mecha?

> This is one ugly Gundam! Boxy (in a very bad way) torso, scrawny arms,
> chicken legs. No, make that flamingo legs. Sure it got a Gundam head
> with one pair (not 2, not 5) of V-fins properly located at the forehead
> (not the chin), and it got the conventional red white blue yellow colour
> scheme, but geez this is monumentally bad!

Can't comment until I've seen it. I might like, I like the Turn A(run for


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