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I just had a quick look at an old Karaoke song book and found that Sazae-san has
been on air since Showa 44(1969) and Doraemon since Showa 54(1979).

mirai y wrote:

> Tet wrote:
> >Like Sazae san, Doraemon keeps on going and going and going...I haven't
> >seen any
> >of the recent series but I presume ~20 years down the track it's still
> >about the
> >same old gang in the same old neighbourhood. There must be enough footage
> >to have
> >documented every second of the characters lives several times over! : )
> Doraemon's been around since I was a little kids - about 30 yrs. ago. Like
> you say, it hasn't changed a bit since I was little. They occasionally add
> new characters to keep it interesting. (I never understood the appeal of
> it. I didn't like it even as a kid)

I think you didn't like it because you were quite a bit older than you
remembered when you first saw it. : )

But time does fly doesn't it? It only seems like yesterday when I first started
watching Doraemon. I even owned Doraemon's time machine!


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