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Sun, 12 Mar 2000 18:29:12 EST

Jojo wrote of Relena:

>I think a lot of female fans pick on her because they are overprotective of
>their boys, especially Heero. I saw an anti-Relena webiste a while ago and
>many complained that she was, "fat, plain, not very pretty, looks like a
>boy, etc..."
>I guess it's more of a "Her!??? Why her??!!" type reaction.

Absolutely. They can't accept any "woman" who seem to be with a male
character they like. I've read endless arguments about how Heero really
doesn't like Relena at all, why they don't belong together, etc. If you even
mention that you like the two of them together, you will be flamed...

On a similar note, there are many "Die Hirde Die" websites, ran by Duo

>On a side note, a lot of these "universes" (we might be able to say that
>0083 was an alternate) are really starting to resemble one other when you
>think about it (Relena--Sayla, Zechs--Char--Gato,

Hmm... I don't know about Amuro--Camille--Usso. Usso is the sweetest,
nicest kid who rode a Gundam. He does remind me of Loran.

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