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Mon, 13 Mar 2000 02:22:31 EST

>From: "Federico Makabenta" <yenm@iconn.com.ph>
>Oh yes. Crayon Shin-Chan is the best. :)
>I wish someone could fansub this stuff.

Actually, KIKU TV in Hawaii has been running it subtitled for many years.
The subtitles are quite good, although toned down a bit. If you know anyone
in Hawaii...

Good thing I know most of the
>variants of Japanese cussing (Eijanaika, Baka, Aho etc.) to understand this
>foul mouthed kid. But I highly recommend this anime to anyone who loves
>antics. Oh yes, I love the deep, asinine voice the seiyuu of that kid
>projects - it sounds like the son of Izumi from Nadesico.

It's a good show to learn Japanese cussing and street slang.
As someone mentioned, he is done by Yajima Akiko, who does Relena's voice.
It's worth watching just to hear the versatility of this talented voice

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