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Eddie writes,

>Story-wise, yes, since it benefits from Tomino's guidance. The characters
>are a bit too infantile-looking.

  True - everyone looks ten years old. But in the case of Crossbone, I'll
forgive that in light of the story's other merits. :-)

>Interestingly, G-Unit and Battlefield of Pacifist came from the same guy,
>Tokita Koichi, who's wonderful at both character and mecha.

  Yep - he's singlehandedly elevated BomBom's Gundam comics franchise
from the awful dreck it used to be. In the case of Battlefield, though,
he had a co-author to beef up the story... his solo efforts tend to be a
bit fluffy.

>Eh? I think you forgot the worst offender, Kondo. There shouldn't be any
>conflict of interest problems now that there are no more U.C. Insider Reports
>in the Viz translation of Gundam 0079.

  Kondo's characters are terrible, true... but there's a lot of that
going around in Gundam comics. (The guy who did MS Generation and F90 is
pretty poor, too.) For some reason, the Wing spinoffs get all the nice
character art.

  Oh, and thanks for the oh-so-subtle accusation of bias there, Eddie.
You've got a real light touch with the character slurs.

-- Mark

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