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Mon, 13 Mar 2000 02:15:33 EST

Tet wrote:

>Like Sazae san, Doraemon keeps on going and going and going...I haven't
>seen any
>of the recent series but I presume ~20 years down the track it's still
>about the
>same old gang in the same old neighbourhood. There must be enough footage
>to have
>documented every second of the characters lives several times over! : )

Doraemon's been around since I was a little kids - about 30 yrs. ago. Like
you say, it hasn't changed a bit since I was little. They occasionally add
new characters to keep it interesting. (I never understood the appeal of
it. I didn't like it even as a kid)

On Crayon Shin-chan:
>The reason why this show is popular (and controversial) is
>because the little dumb 'brat' mocks adults. With Bart Simpson you know
>that he
>is just a smart-alec kid, who likes to have fun. With Shin-chan, it's
>like that. Quite creepy actually.

Shin-chan is vulgar, extremely bad, and really funny. Bart Simpson is lame
compared to him. Lots of nudity, extremely vulgar language, bathroom and
sex jokes, etc. My kids absolutely love it.

>Sazae-san has been around for a really long time ~25years I think. It is
>just a
>neverending family based soap opera.

Sazae-san started as a 4-frame manga in the post WWII era, in the 50's I
believe. It was already extremely popular when I was a little kid in Japan.
  I think the anime's been around about 30 yrs. The appeal is that many
adults like it, people who typically are not anime watchers. I think the
author died a few years ago.

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