mirai y (zafikel@hotmail.com)
Sun, 12 Mar 2000 17:59:33 EST

I've watched all shows Tet mentioned in the Top 10 list except for
One-Piece. One thing they all have in common (except One-Piece -- I don't
know this one) is that they run during prime time, pretty much nationally.
Japan doesn't have a national TV system like the US does with ABC, NBC, etc.
so that each TV station may be affiliated with say "Fuji TV" but does their
own local programming, much like WB and UPN. They may choose not to air a
particular show if they don't feel like it.

Many major regions in Japan does not get Turn A (the only cousin who was
willing to tape it for me lived in an area that wasn't showing Turn A, hence
I had to wait for the video release). It's being shown early afternoon or
mornings in many of the major markets, which has been the biggest complaint
of many fans on the Japanese Gundam Newsgroup. Very silly considering that
most of its fans seem to be in the 20 and over age group.

All those shows are "family drama" or "comedy" - which seems to be what also
gets the highest ratings in the US...

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