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Kev K wrote:
> >The HG Gog(g) is looking better now. Should be able to win my 800(?)
> >Yens.
> What were the major changes in this kit? Does it requires heavy
> modifications?

Changes compared to what? The 1981-82 Gog kits? It requires as much
modifications as the other HGUC kits -_o

> Did it look like Heat sabre from the tv series? ^_^

It was in the shield in the photo. Can't get a good look. No reason to
change it right? It seems they want to emphasize how different it is from
the 08MST Gouf Custom to justify another 800 Yens so I expect them to
stick pretty close to the TV original. The side-by-side photo shows the
HGUC Gouf to be about a nose taller than 08MST Gouf Custom, but of couse
that may change. This is only an unpainted prototype (made of resin?).

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