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Sun, 12 Mar 2000 13:06:35 -0800

Edward Ju wrote:

> The licensed Taiwan editions are faithful reproductions of the Japanese
> original, down to the manga size and the colored illustration pages and
> all the extras you find in the original. Good thing they don't pull a Viz
> and break a single volume down to like 8 or 10 issues, flips the artwork
> horizontally so they can print them backwards, and leave out all the extra
> goodies that makes it complete.
> Eddie

If it's anything like the Taiwanese "Five Star Stories" manga, you have nothing to
worry about, unless of course, you have ambitions of learning Japanese and reading
the books someday.

Still, I agree with Eddie, What Licensed Taiwanese manga I've seen is virtually
identical to the originals.

---Brett Jensen

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