Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 12 Mar 2000 12:56:35 -0800

> As for Gundam comics, I'd say Crossbone Gundam is the best of a pretty
>weak field.

Story-wise, yes, since it benefits from Tomino's guidance. The characters
are a bit too infantile-looking.

>I also thought Silhouette Formula and Battlefield of Pacifist
>were pretty good, with some interesting ideas about their respective
>backgrounds (UC and AC, respectively). Most of the others have, at best,
>nice art but lame stories (e.g. G-UNIT).

Interestingly, G-Unit and Battlefield of Pacifist came from the same guy,
Tokita Koichi, who's wonderful at both character and mecha.

>More often, you'll get an artist
>who's great at drawing mecha but can't draw characters for spit (the guy
>who does Reon, Moon Crisis, et cetera).
>-- Mark

Eh? I think you forgot the worst offender, Kondo. There shouldn't be any
conflict of interest problems now that there are no more U.C. Insider Reports
in the Viz translation of Gundam 0079.


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