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Mark Simmons wrote:
> They run ratings for all anime shows in each month's NewType. Last I
> looked, Turn A was hanging around in the 2-4 percent range, like
> Powerstone, Microman, Yamamoto Yoko, Orphen Revenge, Kaikan Phrase, Edens
> Bowy, and Ryvaius. (You'll note that a lot of these have ended up on the
> cover of NewType.)

Ha! So the fact that Turn-A has been on Newtype cover for like 3 issues
out of 5 is not indication of its success?

> In general - and I guess this is something that just has to be said
> over and over again - mecha shows get lousy ratings.

Well if Wing at 3-6% was considered a huge success (but by what standard?
by mecha's or by general anime's?) then I guess 2-4% for Turn-A is pretty

Do you know how they define 1%? Is it the %age of all TV set? All
househood? Or just the TV sets that was on at the time or the TV sets
that's tuned to a kid's show already? Is it national or regional? I
maybe wrong, but if a show is reaching 10% of the households in US it's
considered a huge success. I don't even know if "Friends" get 20%.

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