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Tomonaga wrote:
> Like Sazae san, Doraemon keeps on going and going and going...I
> haven't seen any of the recent series but I presume ~20 years down the
> track it's still about the same old gang in the same old
> neighbourhood. There must be enough footage to have documented every
> second of the characters lives several times over! : )

Well I don't complain that Charlie Brown should be 50 years old and Snoopy
should have gone to Dog Heaven a long time ago. [A belated R.I.P. to
Charles Schultz]

When I went to Koyoto and saw the same street sights as I saw in Doraemon
it was pretty funky. What's scary is if and when I decide to collect all
Doraemon mangas it will probably blow my whole retirement savings.

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