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Sun, 12 Mar 2000 14:20:29 -0500 (EST)

finally saw April issue of Hobby Japan. First to answer my own question:

The 1/144 G-Armour GK (13800 Yens) can be transcombined with the FG
Gundam, looks great! Nothing like the flying coffin of the 1981 kit. If
only it's 10 times cheaper...

The HG Gog(g) is looking better now. Should be able to win my 800(?)
Yens. HG Gouf is pretty sharp, they have a side-by-side with Gouf Custom
to emphasize how different it is. The full length heat sabre is stored in
the shield the same way as the Gouf Custom, but the front of the shield
should still look like the original Gouf.

What is "haipa- Gundam"? There's a "stage 2" consisting of Rick Dom and
Gundam Mk.2 at 300 Yens each. Doesn't look like FG models. Are these
candy? Didn't I ask this question before? -_o

Did my eyes trick me? I toug I taw a figure model for 500 Yens, 2
actually Sayla and Lalah, Sayla's cheeks look a little swollen (must have
been crying), Lalah looks fabulous. 500 Yens, must get! These are No. 3
and 4? What were No.1 and 2? Did I miss something?

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