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Richard Holman wrote:

> Depends on what you call good. For early 80's mecha fighting it is very
> good, but at 75 episodes there is a LOT of heavy political plotting, and
> character development. I have only seen the first five eps on grainy fifth
> generation video, but liked them a lot. It is a bit oppressive like Z
> Gundam, but hey that is what Iook for in a mecha show.

Definately, the grittier the better. How does the animation quality compare to
"First Gundam" and "VOTOMS"? (Yeah, I know it's hard to tell on those 5th gen
tapes. ^_^)

> >I had been under the impression that it had never been released on
> >video, until I saw the LD box in Akihabara, last January.
> It wasn't to my knowledge, and I know several Americans who would kill for a
> complete set off of LD. I want to know how eps 6-75 look!

If I get it, mabey we can work something out. ^_^ I'm going to Japan next week!

> As classic mecha goes, not bad, but if you are from the school that if it is
> more than five years old it sucks, and there are a lot of those, you'll hate
> it. I have met so many Ranma type fans who insst that old shows (pre 1995)
> are all junk. But if you like shows like Gundam, Macross and Orguss, Dougram
> will gro on you.

Quite the opposite: I got the LDs for all the shows you mentioned, except MS
Gundam (Which I also hope to buy on this trip.) so yeah, I prefer the old stuff.
Not that I dislike new stuff, It's just that, I get annoyed with newbies who
think (Mecha) anime started with Evangelion! ^_^

Anybody else have an opinion?

---Brett Jensen

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