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> so. what's up with this spoiled brat reputation?
> those who think that either know something i don't, or
> didn't watch the tv series. or are probably one of
> those socio-political bleeding heart schmucks who
> automatically, brainlessly equate "wealth" with
> "spoiled brats", and "money is the root of all evil".

I think a lot of female fans pick on her because they are overprotective of
their boys, especially Heero. I saw an anti-Relena webiste a while ago and
many complained that she was, "fat, plain, not very pretty, looks like a
boy, etc..."

I guess it's more of a "Her!??? Why her??!!" type reaction.

On a side note, a lot of these "universes" (we might be able to say that
0083 was an alternate) are really starting to resemble one other when you
think about it (Relena--Sayla, Zechs--Char--Gato,
Amuro--Kou--Camille--Usso). I wonder if Tomino is going to connect them
together in a Michael Moorcockish, Eternal Champion kind of way, where every
hero from a specific universe is an incarnation of a hero from another, and
so on. That would push the show waay outta the sci fi realm and into
fantasy, though.


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