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>Sorry to post off topic. At least it's about a Sunrise Mecha show with
>Okawara designs.....
>Has anyone here seen "Fang of the sun Dougram"? I'm interested to know
>if it's any good or not.

Depends on what you call good. For early 80's mecha fighting it is very
good, but at 75 episodes there is a LOT of heavy political plotting, and
character development. I have only seen the first five eps on grainy fifth
generation video, but liked them a lot. It is a bit oppressive like Z
Gundam, but hey that is what Iook for in a mecha show.

>I had been under the impression that it had never been released on
>video, until I saw the LD box in Akihabara, last January.

It wasn't to my knowledge, and I know several Americans who would kill for a
complete set off of LD. I want to know how eps 6-75 look!

 I've always
>liked the mecha designs, and I am a Ryosuke Takahashi fan, but I was
>afraid to lay down that kind of money on a blind purchase.

I can agree with this. Too bad you can't rent a volume or two to try it.

>If anyone has seen it please give me your impressions.
As classic mecha goes, not bad, but if you are from the school that if it is
more than five years old it sucks, and there are a lot of those, you'll hate
it. I have met so many Ranma type fans who insst that old shows (pre 1995)
are all junk. But if you like shows like Gundam, Macross and Orguss, Dougram
will gro on you.

>Brett Jensen
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