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> Eddie writes,
> > Actually there's a continuity gap - supposedly the Jupiterian
> > conspiracy against the Feds collapsed by the end of Crossbones
> Gundam, you'd
> > think that they'd be out of the equation by the time V Gundam
> rolled around.
> You'd think so, but evidently there was enough anti-Federation
> sentiment left over to keep the Jupiter Fleet scheming away. And the
> similarity in names suggests some mysterious connection between Jupiter
> Empire leader Crux Dogachi and Zanscare prime minister Fonseh Kagachi
> (who is, after all, a former member of the Jupiter Fleet).

Not to mentioned that Zanzacare Empire managed to build up their war machine
in like 5 years. That took tremendous amount of capital. Sure, they had
SNRI as their technical and military base, but that amount of hardware and
ships requires seriously amount of money. Only one group in the solar
system other than the Lunar syndics has that kind of money, Jupiter Fleet.

> Winn Sevilla writes,
> >So in the end of V Gundam, the only powerful force is the jupiter energy
> >fleet?
> Pretty much. The Federation is weak and indecisive, and the space
> colonies have fallen to feuding amongst themselves. Several of the V
> Gundam books refer to this period as the "uchusengoku", or, if you will,
> "space age of warring states" - a play on the term used to describe
> feudal Japan. As V Gundam begins, the Zanscare Empire's main focus is on
> waging a war against Side 1, with its incursion into Eastern Europe
> merely a side project.
> And of course, behind the Zanscare Empire is the Jupiter Energy Fleet,
> which helps them construct Angel Halo.

Hum. We never did saw them fighting Side 1 in the animation... And they
haven't exactly consolidate the entire Side 2. I mean, Macedonia is not
under their direct control. I would have taken control of all of Side 2
before going ahead to fight against Side 1.

> >So that would probably mean that there's another UC series coming out?
> The ending of V Gundam hinted at it - just before he disappears, Usso's
> father ponders taking the battle to the meddling Jovians - but we all
> know how poorly Tomino fares with foreshadowing new series. ;-)

Did Usso's father bought the ticket? Just prior to the final operation, he
disappear again, leaving the Federation General to wonder. I had assumed
that he slip away to take the battle again in another day. But the final
shot of Jean D'Arc plowing thru the Zanzacare ship of lines led me to think
he might have been dead along with the rest of the ship. There was a shot
of the afterlife images of all of the characters on board as they meets
their doom, and Usso's father was amounts them.

> Eiji writes,
> >Here's a simple test, if you like V? you'll most likely like
> >Crossbone. If you don't, you most likely won't.
> I guess that would explain it. V Gundam is my second favorite UC
> series, after the original Gundam series. :-)
> As for Gundam comics, I'd say Crossbone Gundam is the best of a pretty
> weak field. I also thought Silhouette Formula and Battlefield of Pacifist
> were pretty good, with some interesting ideas about their respective
> backgrounds (UC and AC, respectively). Most of the others have, at best,
> nice art but lame stories (e.g. G-UNIT). More often, you'll get an artist
> who's great at drawing mecha but can't draw characters for spit (the guy
> who does Reon, Moon Crisis, et cetera).

Well, Crossbones Gundam had similar problem. It also has enough story to
actually be animated. If they want to animate another Gundam after Turn-A,
Crossbones Gundam is a pretty good choice. But they would need to get a
good Character designer.

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