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garrick lee wrote:

> ok, that's just 10 points out of many more i don't
> remember well enough to list. all of them point to an
> enduring heroine. and i can't find even one point to
> categorize relena as a spoiled bratty bitch.
> so. what's up with this spoiled brat reputation?
> those who think that either know something i don't, or
> didn't watch the tv series. or are probably one of
> those socio-political bleeding heart schmucks who
> automatically, brainlessly equate "wealth" with
> "spoiled brats", and "money is the root of all evil".

I personally thought Relena was the strongest character in the show. A
bit eccentric perhaps, but very mature and brave.

GW is absolutely brimming with strong female charas: Relena, Sally, Lady
Une, Noin (although Noin's devotion to Zechs is a major achilles heel),
and Dorothy (what a pscycho!). I think that is one reason why women like
the show, other than the "pretty boys".

---Brett Jensen

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