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Mine has a head of a GP03s on it. And it's EB 46. It does feature GP01fb
and GP02a as well. Just not as extensive as the Dendrobium. It also has
height relation diagrams of all the MS' in 0083, a listing of all the mecha
and vehicles from 0079 to F91 I believe, spec sheets for the Gerbera Tetra,
spec sheets for the Jion/Axis MA in 0083 (forget it's name), some spec
sheets, for GM Cannon 2 and GM Custom, lotsa character designs, ship spec
sheets, blah blah. But it's mainly focusing on the GP03s, the MA from
0083, and the Gerbera Tetra. The other things weren't so generous on in
quantity of content.

>At 11:22 PM 3/11/00 -0800, you wrote:
>>I don't think there were two parts...I have one of them though (if there is
>>two). It's a good book and I just love the design spec sheets of the
>>Dendrobium. Very cool stuff.
>Ah. I have the part that doesn't feature the dendrobium..I think it's EB 42.
>Instead it has the GP01 and GP02.
>The cover of mine is a GP01Fb.
>What're the contents of yours?
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