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Sun, 12 Mar 2000 08:34:02 -0800

> >And speaking about Kondo, I've notice that in massive compilations of
> >Gundam mecha (ms encyclopedias and G-Generation games, etc.) his
> >stuff is always left out. I admit they don't exactly fit in U.C.
> >universe but if your going to put in G/W/X gundam mecha, gundam
> >pixie?/ double fake?/ perfect gundam/ and some unfortunate Kunio
> >Okawara variations surely there is room for some Kondo?
>Nope. While Bandai published some of Kondo's stuff during the '80s,
>resin kits of his designs were mostly made by Kotobukiya (IIRC) instead
>of B Club. His stuff hasn't gained a following as big as Gundam Sentinel
>to force Bandai to incorporate it in the official timeline, but I suspect
>it's more of a matter of stylistic difference - his deformed mobile suits
>just don't mesh too well with the mobile suits from the UC timeline they
>were supposed to appear in.

Kondo's designs would probably hold together better if they were ever
cleaned up for animation.

It's funny, my initial exposure to Gundam was 0083, then Gundam
Sentinel, then Kondo's work. So I thought Gundam was completely this
hardcore military show. I was a little crushed to discover how
marginal they are in Gundam's world. (But I'm over it now)


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