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Sun, 12 Mar 2000 08:24:16 -0800

>i taught myself from burne hogarth's books -- dynamic
>anatomy, dynamic figure drawing, heads, hands, drapery
>and wrinkles, light & shading. after you study all
>the technical aspects, everything else is your
>prerogative -- practice what you learn (and practice
>some more) and observe EVERYTHING you can (this time
>with an artist's eye). if i'm not mistaken, burne
>hogarth teaches art either in chicago or new york.
>not at all close to manga style, but if you've got the
>proportions, anatomy and technicalities mastered, you
>can very easily switch to manga style drawing.

Mr Hogarth passed away about 4 years ago. He drew the Tarzan comics
in the 30's , taught in New York for awhile and ended teaching in
Pasadena, CA. I was fortunate to be able to take a class from him
before his death. I was amazed at how much energy this 80year old man
had. He would draw these amazing anatomical drawings on the black
board with different colored chalks as he would lecture us. The man
knew the human body better than doctors.

>anyway, i'd also like to know where this
>how-to-draw-manga book is available.

viz's online magazine, J-Pop just did a review of "How to draw Manga"


They also reviewed the second book in the series "how to draw female
characters". It's a valuable reference on panty shots.

I'm not kidding.


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