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[snippity snap]

> As to the Relena/Sala comparison,
> they are both blondes,
> intelligent, not very connected to reality, the
> sister of the main "bad guy,"
> and heir to the empire of the "bad guys." Oh, and
> she love the main "good
> guy" of the show.

[snappity snip shave shave comb comb brush brush]

uh, i'll derail it back to relena, one last time.

just to be on the safe side (*sigh*) -- spoiler
warning for anyone just watching g wing. don't cuss
me out for talking about 'em. :)


i don't understand why everyone slams relena as a
spoiled brat (mebbe them yaoi fans who hate relena
simply because she's female, i dunno). if it was
shown in manga or other sources, i don't know about
it. but from what i can infer from the tv series and
EW, relena is FAR from a spoiled rich girl. heck, for
a future queen of the world nations, she was NOWHERE
as bad as the last emperor (the character in the
movie, i mean).

1) in the first episode, minister darlian and relena
arrive at the airport. relena shows that she can get
home by herself and that she doesn't need an escort
home. she doesn't want to inconvenience the bigwigs.
actually sounds mature to me, considering the teens
are the sensitive years.

1a) also in the first episode, relena doesn't throw a
tantrum when her father cannot celebrate her birthday
party with her.

2) also in the first episode, relena uses silence to
express her dislike at being shuffled to and from
earth and colonies. she doesn't whine or pout.

3) also in the first episode, relena shows that she
knows what to do in an emergency, when she saw heero
sprawled on the beach.

4) relena treats everyone (well, except maybe lady
une...) with courtesy and never pulls the money act on
them to get her way. just how many spoiled rich brats
do you know who people will defend? (the scene where
relena's classmate is fencing with heero).

5) relena understands when father darlian has to leave
her birthday party (the part where the pictures fall
out of the envelope).

6) relena shows concern even for her enemies -- in the
first part, for heero. and in an amazing (and maybe
unrealistic) act of heroism, she forgives lady une in
the end.

7) relena asks permission from her father when she
wants to go shopping in the colony and refuses a
bodyguard. she, again, shows she can handle herself.

8) on the way, she sees lady une's purse/bomb and
gives it back. how many rich brats would do that?

9) as the series progresses, relena slips into a
position of onerous responsibility with great ease.
she runs a school, runs her kingdom, and clings on to
her ideals (or her father's ideals) with a level head.
 she shows great maturity in dealing diplomatically
with the obvious enemies of her kingdom. how many
rich brats would do that, without complaining even
once like relena? she did not crumble under pressure,
unlike amuro. (ok, granted -- amuro was thrust
straight into the role of a killer pilot, but
still...relena doesn't pout, run away, or go amuck
like amuro did)

10) even as relena's world is torn down around her,
she doesn't lose her head. she is able to be
considerate for everyone and makes decisions on other
people's behalf -- surrendering sank kingdom and
accepting the role as puppet leader, as the advocate
of absolute pacifism.

ok, that's just 10 points out of many more i don't
remember well enough to list. all of them point to an
enduring heroine. and i can't find even one point to
categorize relena as a spoiled bratty bitch.

so. what's up with this spoiled brat reputation?
those who think that either know something i don't, or
didn't watch the tv series. or are probably one of
those socio-political bleeding heart schmucks who
automatically, brainlessly equate "wealth" with
"spoiled brats", and "money is the root of all evil".

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