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Eddie writes,

> Actually there's a continuity gap - supposedly the Jupiterian
> conspiracy against the Feds collapsed by the end of Crossbone Gundam, you'd
> think that they'd be out of the equation by the time V Gundam rolled around.

  You'd think so, but evidently there was enough anti-Federation
sentiment left over to keep the Jupiter Fleet scheming away. And the
similarity in names suggests some mysterious connection between Jupiter
Empire leader Crux Dogachi and Zanscare prime minister Fonseh Kagachi
(who is, after all, a former member of the Jupiter Fleet).

Winn Sevilla writes,

>So in the end of V Gundam, the only powerful force is the jupiter energy

  Pretty much. The Federation is weak and indecisive, and the space
colonies have fallen to feuding amongst themselves. Several of the V
Gundam books refer to this period as the "uchusengoku", or, if you will,
"space age of warring states" - a play on the term used to describe
feudal Japan. As V Gundam begins, the Zanscare Empire's main focus is on
waging a war against Side 1, with its incursion into Eastern Europe
merely a side project.

  And of course, behind the Zanscare Empire is the Jupiter Energy Fleet,
which helps them construct Angel Halo.

>So that would probably mean that there's another UC series coming out?

  The ending of V Gundam hinted at it - just before he disappears, Usso's
father ponders taking the battle to the meddling Jovians - but we all
know how poorly Tomino fares with foreshadowing new series. ;-)

>But then there's this Gaia Gear Alpha...
>Does anybody here know anything about it?

  Gaia Gear is set in UC 0203 - fifty years after V Gundam - but it was
written before V, so Tomino's later works may contradict some of its
developments. As in V Gundam, Earth is largely abandoned, and the dreaded
Manhunter agency monitors immigration. In the story, Manhunter decides to
seize Earth for itself, and launches an invasion of the mother planet.
They're opposed by Metatron, a rebel group that's cloned itself a second
Char to serve s their leader. It's now out of print, and I was only able
to find a couple of volumes, but I've heard it said that the story's kind
of a rehash of Z Gundam (with Manhunter in the Titans role).

Eiji writes,

>Here's a simple test, if you like V? you'll most likely like
>Crossbone. If you don't, you most likely won't.

  I guess that would explain it. V Gundam is my second favorite UC
series, after the original Gundam series. :-)

  As for Gundam comics, I'd say Crossbone Gundam is the best of a pretty
weak field. I also thought Silhouette Formula and Battlefield of Pacifist
were pretty good, with some interesting ideas about their respective
backgrounds (UC and AC, respectively). Most of the others have, at best,
nice art but lame stories (e.g. G-UNIT). More often, you'll get an artist
who's great at drawing mecha but can't draw characters for spit (the guy
who does Reon, Moon Crisis, et cetera).

-- Mark

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