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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn A ending revealed?
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>Tet writes,
> They run ratings for all anime shows in each month's NewType. Last I
>looked, Turn A was hanging around in the 2-4 percent range, like
>Powerstone, Microman, Yamamoto Yoko, Orphen Revenge, Kaikan Phrase, Edens
>Bowy, and Ryvaius. (You'll note that a lot of these have ended up on the
>cover of NewType.)

oh my God Power stone is 2-4 percent? that's a God awful anime. The rest is
understandable.. kinda

> That's less than the 3-6 percent range of a hit Gundam series like G
>Gundam or Gundam Wing, but something of an improvement over Gundam X
>(especially after it was moved to Saturday morning, after which it ranked
>around 1 percent).
> In general - and I guess this is something that just has to be said
>over and over again - mecha shows get lousy ratings.

yeah.. in order to be successful in the ratings.. an anime show has to have
simple art, be really old, attract kids but also middle age men, and be
running like forever.. eg: Sazaisan, Conan, etc..
Hmm.. I dunno how well Atomu did, or if you can even count that as a mecha
show, but that's likely the highest rated mecha show ever

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