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>Mark Simmons wrote:
>So in the end of V Gundam, the only powerful force is the jupiter energy

since V.. indeed ever since F91.. the EUG has been weakened significantly
since their glory days of the one year war. So much so that they didn't put
up much of a resistance in either event. The JEF has been manipulating the
political climate ever since Zeta.. perhaps even earlier. They didn't really
show themselves until after F91, ie: during CG.

>So that would probably mean that there's another UC series coming out?

maybe.. I know Mark and a few others are big fan of Crossbone Gundam, I
personally dislike the series alot, after I went out and bought the manga (I
selling the manga if you're interested). So I don't care if this story ever
comes out. Here's a simple test, if you like V? you'll most likely like
Crossbone. If you don't, you most likely won't.

>But then there's this Gaia Gear Alpha...
>Does anybody here know anything about it?
>What's its story?

Gaia Gear is a novel. It ran serial in NewType during the 88 season I
believe. Gaia Gear Alpha is the unit. Since its a novel, you won't find many
ppl who have read it. The time is U.C 0200 or somewhere thereabouts.. so it
happened wayyyy after any series we've seen. Again, earth is in conflict
with the colonies.. except the colonies is more the 'good guys', ie: ala
Zeta Gundam.. storyline is also similar. Hehe.. the main character is also
the 2nd main character in Zeta Gundam.. if you can believe that.. even
though there is over 100 year gap in between. You just can't keep a cool
character dead.. ^_^

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