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> Can anyone learn to draw?

Yup. It just takes patience and practice. Some people have the knack for it
while others don't. I don't but I did learn a lot. I can copy almost
anything I see and draw an equivalent of it given time - this skill I
learned only with a lot of hard work.

As for composition and making things out of your imagination, that takes
time and instruction. If you have any art schools nearby that teach
anatomy - like comic book artist schools - I'd recommend those. You'd really
improve under those conditions.

   My people consist of two circles one for the head
> and one for the torso/lower body and stick limbs. What drawing books are
> to start out with? My drawings look like something from, well, third grade

Direct instruction is the best. Nothing like someone criticizing outright
what's wrong with your drawing. Best pointer is to be not too sensitive
about being criticized. Most artists have to climb this wall before they
become really good. You should show your drawings as often as possible as
well to gain insight how it is perceived by others.

> I can draw decent looking 2D vechicles by using graph paper. I need
> to help me draw stuff to look 3D and something to help me draw people and
> humanoid robots.

Anyone can draw 2D. 3D is a bit tricky with foreshortening (viewing objects
from an angle that makes faraway points seem smaller) and such. Even more if
you're not used to drawing things with unusual shapes like Zakus and such.
But once you get the humanoid figure right - you're there. What you need is

Try doing this for human figures: Whenever you draw - make a structure
underneath as much as possible. What my friend used to do (pro-artist at
Avalon comics currently) is to study professional basketball players because
you get a clear idea how a bone structure is in relation to how the human
body acts.


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