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Sat, 11 Mar 2000 22:43:02 -0800

> >I've seen the GD kit but not the Zaku MSV type. Anyone knows where I can
> >find some pictures of it?
>I've found a site with a picture of this.
>Any idea which comic this appears in?

This is the Gelb which appeared in the short story "Operation Buran
0079", in Kondo's "Go Ahead" book. It's a full color comic, partly
drawn, partly photographed models. Pretty cool.

The Gelb's brothers the Goblin and Breda are in "the Revival of Zion"
manga, but I didn't notice the Gelb.

And speaking about Kondo, I've notice that in massive compilations of
Gundam mecha (ms encyclopedias and G-Generation games, etc.) his
stuff is always left out. I admit they don't exactly fit in U.C.
universe but if your going to put in G/W/X gundam mecha, gundam
pixie?/ double fake?/ perfect gundam/ and some unfortunate Kunio
Okawara variations surely there is room for some Kondo?

I like his stuff a-lot. Well, maybe not everything but certainly the
Gelb, Goblin, Breda, The-O II, and my very favorite- his retcon of
the Gyan in "Operation Titan".

And finally, Kondo's is currently doing some cool retcon work in his
0079 manga. Those following the english translation can look forward
to the G-armor, azzam, and all those crazy zeon amphibious mecha.

Kondo has this strange place in gundam, less than official-more than fan.


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