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> This has to be the coolest book I've picked up in awhile. Sure the
> translation blows and it doesn't tell you how to draw mecha (or any REAL
> basic drawing techniques) , but it's just filled to the brim with cool
> From a useful run-down on basic art supplies, to tips on facial
> expressions, to a really effecient and effective skeleton system,
> about this book screams quality. I've improved my art ten-fold (still
> but I'm working on it) by using this book.
> The only problem is that its more of a book for those who are
> already
> half way decent, and are just looking for a way to get those nagging
> right. Its not for someone who hasn't picked up a pencil to draw in
> life.

Can anyone learn to draw? My people consist of two circles one for the head
and one for the torso/lower body and stick limbs. What drawing books are best
to start out with? My drawings look like something from, well, third grade :(

I can draw decent looking 2D vechicles by using graph paper. I need something
to help me draw stuff to look 3D and something to help me draw people and
humanoid robots.


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