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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> WooJin wrote:
> > 12% isn't that bad actually, and lets face it, Crayon Shin-chan, Doraemon,
> > and Sazae-chan(the Iron Triangle of Anime) have been in the top 10 for ever
> Doraemon still get 14%? Incredible. Is it new anime or 10 yr old reruns?

Like Sazae san, Doraemon keeps on going and going and going...I haven't seen any
of the recent series but I presume ~20 years down the track it's still about the
same old gang in the same old neighbourhood. There must be enough footage to have
documented every second of the characters lives several times over! : )

> What are Crayon Shin-chan adn Sazae-Chan?

John answered this part.
But I will add that Crayon Shin-chan is relatively new but it has still been
around for ~10 years. The reason why this show is popular (and controversial) is
because the little dumb 'brat' mocks adults. With Bart Simpson you know that he
is just a smart-alec kid, who likes to have fun. With Shin-chan, it's nothing
like that. Quite creepy actually.

Sazae-san has been around for a really long time ~25years I think. It is just a
neverending family based soap opera.


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