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Sat, 11 Mar 2000 12:47:35 -0800

> I'm a GM fan looking for a little information. First an older kit,
>anything you can provide would be appreciated. Here's what I know, It's
>a 1/75 scale vinyl kit of the RGM-79G with parts to make either the
>Space or Ground type. It was produced possibly by B-Club, but I didn't
>know they ever made vinyl models. It was released mid 1989. I've added
>this kit to the long list of 'Grail' kit's I've been seeking, but I have
>very little hope of finding it after so long.

It is indeed a B Club vinyl kit, I gave one such kit to a friend a couple
years ago as a Xmas present, unfortunately he cut his finger while building
it. :( This is part of the 1/75 scale vinyl kits released for the 0080
series and were not reissued as far as I know. Each had a retail price of
over 5,000 yen (about 7,800 yen IIRC). They are next to impossible to get
now, since recast bootleggers don't do vinyls.

> Does anyone know if there where any Powered GM kits other that the
>1/220 & 1/144 B-Club kits? And can you recommend a good reference for
>the Powered GM, the only one I've found so far is in the Gundam
>Encyclopedia but it just shows the basic front and rear views.

Unifive has released a Powered GM figure that's not scaled, but is about
the same size as the MicroGundams. It was originally released by Yutaka,
but they've gone under about a year ago, and the property is now owned by
Unifive. Now sure if they reissued this figure, but it sometimes pops up
on eBay, you can get it for between $10-$15 there.

The reason that you got just front and rear views is probably because
they are all the animators had to work with as far as design data file
is concerned. The NewType 100% Collection and Rapport Deluxe books showed
the same thing, although one did show the weapons like shield and bazooka,
in the "common GM accessories" section next to it. If you are lucky enough
to track down a copy of "MS Wars 0083", there are a couple of sketches of
cockpit views and cockpit hatch/entrance. That's probably as much of the
Powered GM you'll get to see without resorting to film comics.

> The only kit of the GM Sniper II I've seen is B-Club's 1/220. I was
>looking for something in the 1/144-1/100 range, were any ever produced?

Keep up with the news section in the hobby magazines, B Club keeps pumping
out Gundam resin kits. They've just finished their revisit of F91 a year
or two ago, so 0080 would eventually roll around again.

> Was there ever a kit of the RGM-79D? Or is it conversion time?

Not sure if the 1/75 scale vinyl kit from 0080 had the D option... I think
they did show it on the box.


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