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> Dude, this vague description could apply to over half of the Gundam series
> out there. Does that make them all rehashes of 0079? Besides, the Zeons
> didn't build their own version of Gundams in 0079, and the "heavy
> consequences for the earth" was mentioned in passing before the show even
> started, whereas in Wing it was placed in the grand finale.

Goof, Guan, Gelgoog, Ziong ... that list just doesn't stop. As to heavy
consequences, colony drops, asteroid drops, occupation, etc. As to the
characters, you say that Zech is Wing's Char but fail to admit that the five
G-boys are a mix and match set of White Base Crew aspects rolled into five
little terrorists. As to the Relena/Sala comparison, they are both blondes,
intelligent, not very connected to reality, the sister of the main "bad guy,"
and heir to the empire of the "bad guys." Oh, and she love the main "good
guy" of the show. That's six point of comparison, Eight if you throw in being
female raised on earth.


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