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>From: Brett Jensen <heero@earthlink.net>
>David "Jojo" Wong wrote:
> > > Like "Toward Terra"?
> > >
> > "They were 11" was pretty good, but I think it was meant for a teenage
> > audience. "Please Save my Earth," well...
>Yeah, I liked "They were 11" too.

That's sort of the idea. Unfortunately, Toward Terra anime was simplified
and "dumbed down" from the original manga for more audience acceptability.
"They were 11" was close to the original but poorly animated. Hagio Moto,
the author who wrote "They were 11" (which is about 25 years old) have
written some fantastic SF/Fantasy works since then. (Silver Triangle,
Marginal, Star Red, Mosaic Rasen) all of which are much too convoluted and
mature in subject matter to ever be animated. Her current work is not
SF/Fantasy, but a psychological thriller about a boy who is brutally
sexually abused by his stepfather, then becomes involved with his
stepbrother who can't get over the guilt of letting it happen. The
realistic portrayal of the characters are amazing, and I really like it.

Takmiya Keiko who wrote "Toward Terra" hasn't come up with anything too good
recently. She's tended more toward pure fantasy.

Please Save my Earth? I didn't like the manga too much. Too "young" in
subject matter and straightforward for my taste. (I'm pretty old, you

My current other favorite is "Angel Sanctuary" - which is coming out as OVA
in May. The manga probably has the most beatiful artwork I have ever seen,
but I'll see how the anime compares.

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