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My take on this is that its tough to find females who like Gundam's more
technical and design aspects. The wonder of robots isn't there when you talk
to them. When they do talk about 'em - usually it's to complain about "why
add wings to the Zero in Endless Waltz?"

I had a conversation with a girl who commented on the Brain Powerd's cockpit
being in the groin area. I said it was a practical place to put it in,
recalling Syd Mead's interview that he gave about speculation that he was
going to put the cockpit of the mecha on Turn-A there as well. She just
brushed me off and said "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I still think it's silly." - How
can you fight an "objective" comment like that? :)

That's totally seperate with the female fans who like Five Star Stories. I
can talk to them more because they can explain intricacies in a mecha that
I'd never think of normally. I really think Nagano should try his hand at
Gundam, solely on his ability to draw the female eye to his designs.

While on the subject of Wing haters: For me personally, it isn't the yaoi
stuff that turned me off about Wing. It happens with female fans of other
series I really like, so that's not really why. I dunno, I guess it may just
be an instinctive impulse of guys about having their boys club invaded - but
as for the series, it just really didn't appeal to me. I like it when people
can explain mecha stuff about it like Richie does, but you won't be able to
drag me out of work to watch it. Personal preference, the way I don't really
care about seeing another Digimon episode again - even though I enjoy
Pokemon - you just can't explain why. Maybe the tagalog dub didn't help
either for me as well. -_-;


> I agree. The show was designed from the very beginning to try to bring in
> different fan base (read "women") and it succeeded beautifully. For all
> UC fans who look down on female GW fans - when First Gundam was at its
> popularity in Japan, it had the same type of female fanbase that Wing has.
> There was a lot of "drooling" over characters like Char and Amuro. (Don't
> forget the "Garma-sama" funeral that the women fans put on!) I will admit
> that there was no yaoi back then... only "aniparo" (anime parody)
> mirai
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