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Brett Jensen wrote:
> I assume that like Taiwan, It's only legal in Singapore, since they don't
> recognize international copyright laws.

Where did you get this notion from? I've actually seen this
misconception being expressed in several media articles as well.

It is true that pirated software and VCDs are easily available in
Singapore. There are copyright laws in place to deal with them, but
there is a problem in enforcing it. The frequent raids on the pirates
does not deter them as there is a huge demand for the pirated products.
Hauling the sellers to jail is of no use as the operations are run by
syndicates that will hire other people to do the selling.

Anyway, back to the CCA DVD. The DVD is a Hong Kong import. In
Singapore, all visual media products like videotapes, VCDs, DVD, etc.
have to go though the Board of Film Censors (BFC) for censorship before
they can be sold on the market. The BFC only approves the DVD based upon
its' content. They do not check if DVD is a licensed copy. As there
isn't a official distributor for Gundam anime in Singapore, the
copyright is not enforced. The CCA DVD is only legal in the sense that
it has been approved for sale.


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