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I've heard of this show recently. Someone told me that they even make fun of
the characters having a public relations firm butting in. How is it doing

So "Tokusatsu" is the term they use for live action stuff? I keep on using
Sentai - but that implies a team concept like Bioman or Juu Ranger. I've
always wondered what to call Janperson and Shaider.


From: mirai y <zafikel@hotmail.com>

> Speaking of which - the new show that started running on TV Tokyo, "Earth
> Defense Company: Daiguard" takes that turn. It's a half-comedy spoof on
> Super-robot and Tokusatsu genre. Basic story is that the Earth Defense
> Company is created after these monsters appear out of nowhere and destroy
> parts of Earth. The monsters eventually stop coming out and the Company
> becomes a laughing stock. In order to create a more "positive" image for
> itself, they build a "super robot" - mainly for looks only. Then in the
> first episode, the first monster in many years suddenly appear out of the
> ocean...
> I've only seen the first 3 episodes, but old fans of Tokusatsu (Ultraman,
> Godzilla) and super robot would appreciate it...lots of humor.
> mirai
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