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> >From: BlazeEagle@aol.com
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> >Why is it that there's not very many new, good mecha shows in Japan
> >now? Is the mecha genre drying up? I sure hope its not.
> >
> >Aaron
> I think it tends to go in cycles. There's a wave of certain types of
> then as the audience tires of it, another type of show becomes popular.
> There have been years when no good mecha shows were coming out.
> The mecha show that just finished running on TV Tokyo, "Saibastaa" was
> horrible. Absolutely pathetic. Bad animation, storyline that got
> and sillier with no real climax or good ending. I kept getting it hoping
> would get better but it never did.

Oh yeah. Psybuster. I heard a lot of bad stories about this title. You
actually see this on TV or on tape?


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