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>From: "Federico Makabenta" <yenm@iconn.com.ph>

>Rather, it's a challenge to the _real_ theme
> > of Evangelion, which I'd sum up as "everybody is screwed up by their
> > childhoods and can't ever get the hell over it, even if it means the end
> > the world." In interviews, Tomino's expressed his horror at Eva's
> > nihilistic, self-pitying message, and to the extent that Brain Powered
> > reaction to Evangelion, I'd say it's responding to this aspect of the
> > series.*
>Yup. The bitter taste on my mouth still lingers after watching the EVA
>movie. I haven't seen Brain Powerd yet - but people have been reacting to
>EVA a lot lately. Nadesico has given its answer to EVA and it did so
>brilliantly. I wonder if Turn-A Gundam has anything to say.

In all of Tomino's works, there is always an element of hope at the end.
Sure he kills off a lot of characters, but it always ends in a hopeful way.

Brain Powerd went beyond that - really left a nice warm, fuzzy feeling. I
really liked that - I'm too old to be angry and pessimistic.


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