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>From: Peter Cheng <tzicheng@yahoo.com>
>No offense (and I know it's a subjective thing)...
>Mind explain how BP "came together in the last few
>I sort of like the setting and it has quite a few nice
>touches ("brain disc" is one). But the only word I
>can describe the series is..."disappointing".
>Though the last two episodes were in fact the better
>ones...oh well, I'm not impressed by the staff's (not
>sure how involved Tomino was with the finale) effort
>to end the series. They tried so hard to foreshadow
>events early on...sigh...
The entire show and storyline, at least in my opinion, was a drama about
human relationships, lives of women, and choices and mistakes they make.
Action was secondary. Also told very much from a mature woman's point of
view. Being a mother, the meaning of motherhood were major themes in this
show. It was a very unusual choice of theme subject matter for an anime. I
see it quite frequently in "shoujo" manga aimed at older women (e.g.
Iguana's Daughter by Hagio Moto) but not in shonen manga, much less an anime

Several Japanese reviewers wrote that while most anime directors choose a
target audience and stick with that age group. Tomino, on the other hand,
have chosen to "grow and age" with the original Gundam fan audience (now
well into their 30's) and his themes and subject matters have reflected
that. I really agree with these comments - if I saw Brain Powerd as a
teenager, I would have hated it.

I'm an avid fan of sci-fi/fantasy shoujo manga aimed at older women (not
kiddie stuff like Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth) and next to no
anime belong in that catagory. Closest I've found was Brain Powerd.
(Escaflowne was close, but still "younger" in subject matter) There is that
"yaoi" category like Kizuna, Zetsuai, Bronze, but that's a different matter.

>...and all those villains (can I call them
>"villains"?)...all "repent" during the last few min.
>of the show. Whatever.

It's a story about understanding, redemption, and hope...

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