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> fiction has it's bases in reality. the stories that
> fiction tell wouldn't be if it weren't for the
> elements founded in reality. the stories are the
> "same old same old" because they take off from real
> life -- the same old same old motives for war (gundam
> as a war story), and that's fine by me.
> many times, i find that experimental shows sacrifice
> the artful quality of storytelling and drawing for the
> sake of coming up with something new. "something new"
> isn't always good in this case.

People seem to be caught up in this if it isn't new and innovative, its not
good idea. Every story has most likely been told. Its the way the stories
told that matters. Take war for instance, that stories been told forever.
Same goes for love, drama, etc. My point is, these stories are the same at
the core element, but each story teller adds their own elements to this core
element to make the core story their own.


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