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Fri, 10 Mar 2000 18:13:07 -0800 (PST)

i miss a day, and i've got almost 300 mails sitting in
my inbox?! it's a weekend, fortunately.

haven't read them all, but here's just some random
replies to the conversations i was involved in and
some others i want to chime in:

re: mecha rennaisance and running gundam to the

not very optimistic, and not a good way to go. many
people moan about how it's the same old story again
and how nothing is new. i've never given originality
a high priority. rather, it's the execution and
delivery of the show - the panache - that makes or
breaks a show, for me. e.g. eva broke new
grounds, but didn't deliver. g wing, otoh, didn't do
many new things, but was a more enjoyable watch than
eva, for me.

fiction has it's bases in reality. the stories that
fiction tell wouldn't be if it weren't for the
elements founded in reality. the stories are the
"same old same old" because they take off from real
life -- the same old same old motives for war (gundam
as a war story), and that's fine by me.

many times, i find that experimental shows sacrifice
the artful quality of storytelling and drawing for the
sake of coming up with something new. "something new"
isn't always good in this case.

i don't think gundam is about to be exhausted. not
just yet. there's still some more themes in war that
gundam has yet to shake a beam saber at. (the
mercenary gundam was a good idea...)

re: g gundam, nanotech, ultimate gundam.

eddie, i didn't catch the "ultimate gundam" name for
the devil gundam. i'm going to cop out and blame our
filipino dub on this one. :P they've always called
that beast "gundam da devil".

brett, uhm, yes, i was buying everything up to that
point. :P i have an amazing tolerance for cheese
(incidentally, i like cheesy food, i'd die without
cheese, but that's another story).

mark: yes, the plot twists in g gundam were very
reminscent of super robo plot twists. i'm still not
sure what to make of them, however. the feeling one
gets is of having the rug pulled out from under you,
as the show pulls out all the stops. it's
unexpected, yes. is it creative? probably. is it
good form in storytelling? my brain's jury is still
out on that one. :P (stupid off topic -- i can't
shake the mad cartoon image of mark simmons in
animerica magazine's critique section...does that
cartoon resemble mark?) g gundam didn't seem to set
up the plot twists by seeding the preceding episodes
with clues (visual or otherwise), and that's what has
me scratching my noggin. even yu yu hakusho does a
better job of laying visual clues to reveal the plot
twist several episodes later.

re: g wing and 0079

well, a couple of people already gave the same reasons
i had in mind for saying g wing was a rehash of TOS.
i'll give my reasons for that in another post, maybe.

i don't know what others mean when they say "rehash",
but i take it to mean: taking many conspicious
elements of one story and blatantly applying it (in
tribute, most likely) to a new story with hopefully
fresh twists. in most cases, it's a retelling. a
"rip-off" would have a nastier definition, and is
something that would be better used between two
different shows. voltron ripped off voltes, or
something like it (oh crap, i think i'm gonna get
pantsted for that).

yes, i suppose all the reasons we gave for why g wing
is a rehash of 0079 would mean that a lot of the rest
of the gundam shows are also rehash. but is that
necessarily a bad thing? it IS the same themes that
are being churned out again. and the reason why we
are still fans of gundam, series after series, is
because those themes (in gundam's case, war, human
drama, separation, etc.) make our day.

well, that's all i have to say right now. if you'll
excuse me, there's a ton of emails to be read. (would
y'all go to sleep for a while and let me catch up?)

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