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> BUT we were talking about how bad/good American cartoons were. Besides,
> calling the CGI Transformers show Canadian indulges an old prejudice of
> mine, namely that Americans can't desing mecha to save their lives.
> tby

Here's my favorite American cartoons:
Batman: TAS, Batman Beyond, Men In Black, Beast Wars and Beast Machines,
Gargoyles, Reboot(espically that last season, with the Internet stuff).
Gargoyles was good because it is more Mature then most American cartoons.

Most American cartoons aren't bad, as long as your age is 1-12. There's
really not any stuff for these age groups, Teens, Young Adults and Adults. I
like plot twists, surprizes, role reverseals, conflict, happines, things
working out, things going to heck, apporite realstic cussing(none of this
cuss to be cussing stuff), combat, love, etc.

What I'm trying to say is, I like beliveable fantasy and/or sci fi, that
takes itself seriouslly, but doesn't kill the whole thing trying to be uber
realstic. Uber realism can bog down a story. I want a story that's like real
life, but that can have robots or magic or high technology. You know, a
realstic fantasy enviroment.

I watch TV, but I read tons of books, about one a week actually. I read more
then I watch TV. I do this, because I can find excatly the stories I like in
books. I like stories like in Final Fantasy 7 and 8, XenoGears(I good game,
but God, it was so depressing and dire) Gundam, the good anime, etc.

So, I am used to mature storylines.

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