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>>>>>All these characters are a lot more interesting when you find out about
>their past history in Tomino's F91 novels. But from the little bit you see
>in the movie, they certainly seem like two-dimensional ripoffs of classic
>What are some of the things learned about the characters in the novels?
>DO you mean Crossbone Gundam?

There was a 2-volume F-91 novel written by Tomino. Part 1 is full of
background information on individual characters lead up to the initial
Frontier invasion that sent the kids to the MS Museum. Part 2 is pretty
much the rest of the movie, with minor details/subplots here and there.


The F91 saga goes way back, beginning with Berah Ronah's great-grand father,
who built his fortune on a space junk salvage empire. Eventually he amassed
enough money to purchase the Ronah family name from the descent of the Ronahs,
a European family with aristocratic background. He than started pumping his
son with ideas of how the nobel should lead the masses, etc. Berah's grandpa
basically carried the torch on after his old man died, and started to
develop their own MS in secret and handed over the training of Crossbone
Vanguard, the elite chosen from their security forces to pilot the mobile
suits, over to Iron Mask, his son-in-law who married into the Ronah family
since Berah's grandfather lost his son to the Federation (there's a whole
subplot about how his son went into politcs, became a young leader admired
by many because of his ability to go against the oldfart bureacrats, but he
died at an early age, IIRC, due to assassination, leaving grandpa Ronah with
only a daughter, Berah's mother/Iron Mask's wife).

I think the biggest shocker from the novels is that Seabook and Cecily
did not "grow up together" - Seabook was an engineering student while
Cecily went into liberal arts, so although they were in the same school,
they did not know each other well enough like Frau Bow and Amuro was.
In the movie when we first see Seabook drag Cecily to the beauty pageant,
it was more out of necessity - Seabook was running a gambling operation
based on the outcome of the beauty pageant, and they needed Cecily there to
boost public interest - than friendship. The papa Fairchild character was
also a bit demonized in the movie. He was a much nicer guy in the novels
(though he came off as this big loser).

The Iron Mask character was a scrawny scientist, but after marrying into the
Ronah family and being pumped with the nobility ideas, he finally went over
the edge when his wife "disappeared" with Berah. He went into seclusion for
a year with grandpa Ronah's blessings, finishing research on the "Lafressia"
project he's been working on and came out a buff man with the Iron Mask and
became the head of Crossbone Vanguard.

There's also a whole subplot of familial discordance at the Arnold family,
with Seabook openingly pissed when the estranged mother visits them, and
how Seabook's sister not able to cope with things. Familiar Tomino
territory there.


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